Today we will be making a recommendation of Equiluxe Tack, an e-commerce site specializing in quality horse tack and riding apparel.

They offer a wide range of products for both the horse and rider, including riding apparel, tack, grooming supplies, and stable equipment.

Equiluxe Tack is designed to cater to equestrian enthusiasts looking for high-quality gear and accessories.

See below some of the best products from Equiluxe Tack.

Equiluxe Tack Riding Apparel

Equiluxe Tack’s “Riding Apparel” collection offers a range of equestrian clothing suitable for riders of all levels. 
The collection includes items like riding shirts, breeches, and show jackets, designed for both functionality and style. 
These garments are tailored to provide comfort and flexibility for equestrian activities while also maintaining a fashionable appearance.

Equiluxe Tack Bridles 


Equiluxe Tack offers a variety of bridles for equestrian use, featuring quality craftsmanship and materials.
Bridles are a key piece of horse tack, essential for riding and training.
Equiluxe Tack bridles are crafted to meet the needs of both the horse and rider in these competitive equestrian sports, focusing on comfort, quality, and performance.
They include headstalls, bit, and reins, and come in various styles to suit different disciplines and preferences.

Equiluxe Tack Horse Care

The Horse Care collection at Equiluxe Tack offers a range of products designed for the maintenance and well-being of horses.

This includes grooming supplies, stable bandages and wraps, hoof care products, and other essential items for horse care.

Each product is selected to ensure the best quality and effectiveness in maintaining the health and appearance of horses.

Equiluxe Tack Stall Supplies

The Barn Bags & Accessories collection at Equiluxe Tack includes a variety of items designed for stable and barn use.

With products such as grooming totes, boot bags, stall guards, curtains, hay bags, and tail guards for trailering.

These accessories are essential for organizing and maintaining equestrian equipment, ensuring convenience and efficiency in horse care and management.

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