Foreplay Review

Foreplay Review



We built Foreplay to be the leading creative inspiration for brands and companies. This article will guide you on how to use our features to help you create more content. Our products 


Library – a feature-rich Swipe file that contains all the media you’ve saved to your Foreplay account.

Search – Browse all broadcast lists recorded by other Foreplay users. Copy (Beta) – Turn your ad inspiration into a concise ad with UGC creators.

Chrome extension – This is how you can save ads to your library.


Our Library (also known as the Swipe Library) is home to all your social media creative inspiration and a great place to start using our platform.



Create an Account: Visit our registration page to create an account using your email + password or Gmail account. Download Chrome Extension: Visit this link to download our Google Chrome extension. Once downloaded, you will be automatically redirected to log in to your Foreplay account. Now, when you go to the Facebook Advertising Library, you will see a “Save in advance” button.

Turn off ad blockers: To ensure that the Facebook ad library and Foreplay work properly, we recommend that you turn off ad blockers if you use one. Then you can start using Foreplay.

How to save notes in the library 

To save ads to your Foreplay library, you must install our Chrome extension. Once installed, you will see a dropdown list + save button. The drop-down list allows you to select the board you want to save the post to.

Saving ads from Facebook Ad Library

Where can you save posts? 


Facebook Media Library 

Top TikTok Ads 

TikTok Organic 

Organic Instagram (coming soon) 

LinkedIn (coming soon) 

YouTube Ads (coming soon) 



Modal description and metadata 

When you record a broadcast on Foreplay, we also include any associated metadata from the platform. To see this, click on the button in the upper right corner of the ad to start the detailing process.

Access ad details & metadata

Once it is released, you will be able to see; 


Media platform 

media copy 

Type of call to action 

landing page 

screenshot of failure (if you don’t see LP screenshot, sometimes it can delay 10-15 minutes) 

I like that page 

Page type 

Size display 

More in the Modal description 


Tags – These are custom fields that you can use to analyze your future ads. Many people use tags like UGC, Ad Review, Before/After, etc. Comment – You can write a comment about why the ad was saved, points removed, etc.

Download – Download the resource to your computer. Share – Click the Share button to create a social link that you can share with your team or clients.

Details modal preview

Customize your ad 

# House 

Similar to how boards work on Pinterest, this is your set up for posting. Common uses of this table include naming them by competitors, products, or campaigns. A copy of the book 

The desk is one level higher than the desk. The most common type of security is to name a customer, product or group. Be a creative designer with Foreplay 

Creative planning is one of the fastest growing roles among performance marketing teams. Sitting at the cutting edge of art and science, a creative designer who uses tools like foreplay will be able to increase the effectiveness of your advertising through running advertising analysis, competitor analysis and, more everything, planning new media production.

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